Convenience Store Retail

International Convenience Store Retailer started using Turnkey in 2016 to digitalise their carbon, energy, waste data and drive operational efficiency across 450 stores in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Cost Savings & Process Optimisation



Environmental and Social Impact


  • Reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Reduction of material waste and food waste


  • Data capture and monitoring over 450 locations
  • Energy (Electricity, Fuel, Gas) and Water data management
  • Management of food waste by weight
  • Management of food waste by weight
  • Introduction of social impact monitors (impact on training vs staff turnover)
  • Intensity reporting (store size, number of employees, etc.)


Significant man hour savings in data collection

Easier data consolidation, increased data accuracy and transparency in the system

Food waste and emissions reduction

Ability to strategically review and implement cost saving opportunities

Compliance with Hong Kong Stock Exchange and international standards (GRI4, CDP)

Introduction of new sustainability standards that drive process improvement

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