CVC Capital Partners’ investors required essential ESG reporting and data on their portfolio, so they chose Turnkey solutions

CVC Capital Partners is a leading global alternative investment manager focused on private equity, secondaries and credit.

The Client

Founded in 1981, CVC Capital Partners has €133 billion of assets under management, for over 500 blue chip clients worldwide. Many of these investors are major pension funds that deliver pensions for millions of people, including teachers, police officers, nurses, and firefighters. The organisation has over 400 employees in 25 offices across Europe, the Americas and Asia.


The Challenge

To instil sustainability and ESG measures & systems at CVC Capital Partners, they came to Turnkey to review all portfolio accounts for the ESG measures and to develop a sustainability strategy that would embed strong ESG values within both the accounts and CVC Capital Partners itself.

Turnkey was tasked to ensure the following tangible outcomes:

  • To provide transparency and mitigate risk. Turnkey needed to review the portfolio.
  • Implement and scale up sustainability services aligned to cost savings.
  • Manage all ESG, regulatory, and Limited Partner compliance requirements.
Optimal Valuation

Company Valuation


Compliance & Framework Reporting

Mitigate Investment Risk

Investment Risk

Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Optimisation

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

The Turnkey Solution


Turnkey began by embedding sustainability practices and reporting throughout all of CVC Capital Partners’ portfolio accounts.

The Turnkey solution allowed them to collect quantifiable and compliant data on Limited Partner accounts, specifically on portfolio performance and valuation.

CVC Capital Partners use verified data output by Turnkey to support strategic improvements to their clients throughout the CVC Capital Partners network.

The Results

Turnkey established a robust sustainability infrastructure for CVC Capital Partners with an overarching goal of increasing the valuation of their clients.

These are some examples of the of material value created amongst CVC Capital Partners:

  • Fung Group 15% CO2 savings
  • Arteria reduction in energy within the server network
  • Softex energy savings 500k annually
  • Siloam Hospitals gained 10% energy reduction and savings on water
  • Clean Cargo have made 28% CO2 savings since 2015

Having a robust ESG infrastructure allowed CVC Capital Partners to enhance account ESG values which added to client brand value and customer loyalty, which built trust amongst stakeholders and partners.

This also futher bolstered CVC Capital Partners’ reputation as an ethical investor while further minimising investment risk. They were able to augment their value proposition to portfolio of clients by offering cost savings.

CVC Capital Partners intend to extend the platform to further locations, enabling them to multiply cost savings exponentially.

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