Fashion Retailer

High-end menswear retailer operating over 300 stores and managing five international fashion brands started working with Turnkey in 2016.

Strengthen Valuation

Risk Mitigation

Cost Optimization

Branding & Compliance


  • Define energy reduction opportunities
  • Challenge in data management related to frequent store turnover and location changes
  • Reduce negative impact on environment and society
  • Improving emission and water reductions at factories


  • Data capture and monitoring over 300 locations including stores, factories and offices
  • Standardisation in data capture and calculations
  • Monitor of Energy Data (Electricity, Fuel, Gas) and Water consumption
  • Material and refrigerant consumption record
  • Track performance and comparison across consumption, emissions and costs
  • Social impact monitors (labour, turnover, training standards)


Easy identification of any unusual variations that supports strategic improvements

Risk mitigation in legal, operational and reputational aspects

Strenghtened company valuation and branding

Cost optimization

Compliance to the HKEX sustainability reporting requirements

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