How Foodsta Kitchens unlock sustainability with Turnkey

Headquartered in Singapore, Foodsta Kitchens is a digital first restaurant company with international operations in major cities across India.

The Client

Foodsta Kitchens uses data and technology to reinvent the way restaurants operate. This mindset is embedded in their brand identity, processes and product innovation, helping them keep their consumers in focus.

Using this philosophy, Foodsta Kitchens can deliver delicious and fresh meals using quality ingredients while ensuring pricing remains affordable.

Foodsta Kitchens oversee food delivery for seven brands from 28 virtual kitchens across 4 cities, proudly boasting over 10 million meals served.

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The Challenge

Foodsta Kitchens wanted Turnkey to develop and implement an ESG framework to become a ‘Planet Mark’ certified company. This certification recognises a commitment to continuous business improvement by measuring the reduction of carbon emissions, energy, water consumption, travel, and waste. Turnkey was asked to perform several tasks to achieve this:

  • Initial materiality assessment. These are formal exercises that engage stakeholders to determine how vital specific Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues are to them
  • Create a tailored sustainability roadmap for Foodsta
  • Develop and implement sustainability training sessions for all Foodsta employees
  • Ensuring Foodsta staff are aware of KPIs and optimal data entry
Optimal Valuation

Company Valuation


Compliance & Framework Reporting

Mitigate Investment Risk

Investment Risk

Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Optimisation

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

The Turnkey Solution


Turnkey recommended the ‘Sustainion Lite’ solution to ensure Foodsta met the proposed goals.

Foodsta Kitchens can now track important metrics around food wastage and electricity & water usage with data collected from five sites, allowing them to create and implement a sustainability roadmap.

‘Sustainion Lite’ permits unlimited data entry and administrative users allowing a heavily staffed company like Foodsta full capabilities of ESG recording.

To ensure data was collected correctly, Turnkey also offered training sessions to staff members around using the software, with regular ongoing sessions and reviews.

The Results

Turnkey’s sustainability framework supports Foodsta Kitchens growth by:

  • Addressing gaps in ESG efforts by tracking data more effectively
  • Identifying key drivers for sustainability
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities based on ESG analytics
  • Supporting a pioneering ESG leadership position within the food sector in Singapore & India.
  • The required ESG framework to achieve ‘Planet Mark’ certification, which in turn carries the benefits of brand image, attracting suitable investment and talent, thus improving outcomes of tenders
  • Future proofing the Foodsta business – the world is becoming sustainable

Foodsta Kitchens are an innovative company that uses data and technology to put the customer and their needs first. Turnkey’s ESG framework will allow them to expand this ethos into their environmental impact, social stance, and company governance.

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