Distribution and Retail

Global Listed Company, a conglomerate of Logistics, Distribution and Retail started working with Turnkey in 2016 as they were looking to implement highly scalable, comprehensive sustainability platform compliant with market regulations, CDP and GRI that could work with unstructured and non-digitalised data.

Turnkey Sustain -Tech platform is used by 200+ users to analyse, monitor and report data of over 2000 sites (offices, warehouses, stores, buildings) in 45 countries.

Multisector, scalable solution

APIs, Unstructured Data, Digitalisation

Reporting, Analytics & Compliance

Strategic Planning

“Turnkey is user-friendly, easy to use and reliable in capturing various types of emissions sources (energy, water, materials, waste, logistics). It’s a vital tool for management and regulatory compliance reporting. The gap report and data validation are great features to facilitate administrators in monitoring data input across the organisations while ensuring data integrity. Allows users to document evidence for tracking and facilitate auditing. Turnkey is a modular design platform with high flexibility to meet the requirements of different industry sectors. Turnkey has a straight-forward reporting module, users just pick and choose the data output according to their requirements.”

Supply Chain Manager, Listed Company Operating in 45 Countries


  • Scalable, data edible and dynamic reporting
  • Implementation and Training across 45 countries
  • Compliance with multiple Sustainability Frameworks


  • 3 year modular SaaS implementation focusing on energy, waste, water and cost reduction targets
  • Expanded modular SaaS to include Scope 3
  • Enhanced Management Reporting Features, Analytics & External Regulatory Reporting
  • Carbon Intensity Evaluation


Transparency of Portfolio Companies Performance – Retail, Fashion, F&B

Stock Exchange, GRI, CDP Reporting

Strengthen Reputation

Emissions and Cost Reduction

Optimal Valuation

Risk Mitigation

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