One of the largest healthcare groups in South East Asia started working with Turnkey in June 2018. The company operates over 40 hospitals including large hospital facilities and the centres of excellence in oncology and neurosurgery.

Initially Turnkey Platform was embedded in two hospitals. Reporting was initially undertaken for Energy, Fuel and Water with Waste, Social indicators planned to follow.

Investors Requirements on Sustainability Reporting

Cost Saving Opportunities based on Environmental Efficiency

Reputation and Branding

Optimal Valuation – Pre IPO or trade sale


  • Pressure from investors to quickly develop sustainability strategy, data collection and monitoring process
  • Working with unstractured, non-digitalised data
  • Process Optimisation to increase company vauation


  • Analysis of major energy inefficiencies per square meter basis allowed to identify significant cost saving opportunities
  • Building a best practice model to be implemented at other locations
  • Multiplying potential cost savings across all hospital locations would lead to a significantly higher aggregated cost saving opportunity
  • Additional savings opportunities identified based on operational analytics on water and waste


Within 18 months, a single hospital should achieve savings in the region of US$550,000 to US$600,000 and these savings will continue to accrue for many years to come after work is completed.

This mode will be rolled out to additional hospitals, based on the best practice model and increased knowledge of internal FM teams.

When the project is extended, predicted savings after Capex:

10 additional hospitals, savings per annum could exceed US$3M

30 additional hospitals, savings per annum could exceed US$6M

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