Multinational Retailer

A major British multinational retailer used Turnkey to enhance its Logistics and Supply Chain practices.

Strong Expertise

Practical Learning

Best Practice Knowledge

Understanding of latest trends

“Turnkey is highly experienced in the logistics and supply chain sector. Their deep knowledge and expertise allow us to make positive enhancements in our operational practices.“

A Major British Multinational Retailer


  • Understanding the latest regulatory issues
  • Efficient use of INCOTERMS to structure a supply chain and save logistics costs
  • Realising the complex logistics structures of the new tiger economies
  • Handling new developments incl. SOLAS and reporting of environmental impacts


  • Specialised operations training by Turnkey logistics experts
  • Best practice education from highly expertised practitioners
  • Using real live examples of how to improve logistics practices
  • Interactive workshops of logistics and supply chain optimization


Strengthened knowledge of global trends in logistics

Clearer understanding of the customs regulations and new regulatory requirements

Awareness on how best practice methods can improve margins and reduce cost

Business process optimisation leading to cost saving practises

Improved productivity and process optimisation

Market Intelligence support highlighting supply chain risk

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