How Turnkeys ESG solution became an influential factor in Munchy’s strategy

Munchy’s is a multi-award-winning biscuit and cookie producer. With seven brands and over 30 products under their umbrella.

The Client

It all started in 1991 a bunch of biscuit aficionados formulated their first snack in a small southern town in Malaysia. More than 20 years later, Munchy’s products are distributed to over 50 countries.


The Challenge

Munchy’s had ESG deeply rooted in their DNA, and giving back to society is part and parcel of Munchy’s culture. They believe in empowering, enriching, and developing societies in which they operate – “we aim to make the world a better place, one step at a time.”

Implementing the Turnkey ESG solution allowed them to build upon these values. Munchy’s ultimate goal was to achieve ‘Planet Mark‘ certification, which recognises the commitment to continuous improvement. It measures reducing a business’s carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, and travel and waste production.

Optimal Valuation

Company Valuation


Compliance & Framework Reporting

Mitigate Investment Risk

Investment Risk

Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Optimisation

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

The Turnkey Solution


Turnkey implemented a sustainability infrastructure with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) analytics & reporting software to measure, track and reduce Munchy’s carbon footprint, allowing them to achieve their sustainability goals.

Our Turnkey software analysed Munchy’s ESG values and provided further data to allow them to understand precisely where they can make changes.

Implementing this software eased the overall energy & waste costs for Munchy’s as a company, allowing them to open a budget for future sustainability investment.

The Results

Implementing the Turnkey solution provided tangible benefits with cost savings and increased sales among the highlights. And in 2019, Munchy’s was awarded ‘Planet Mark’ certification, and again in 2020.

The Turnkey solution increased data capture efficiency, leading to a more precise KPI setting and a consistent annual reduction in GHG emission intensity.

Since working with Turnkey, Munchy’s has boasted an overall reduction in total carbon footprint by 6% and has recorded growth in sales revenue by 41.29%.

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