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Leading global private equity firm turned to Turnkey in January 2016 when their investors required data on ESG reporting within their portfolio account network.


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“As one of the world’s largest Private Equity firms and a signatory to the UN PRI, we understand that ESG factors are critical to ensure the long-term success of our investments. To support this, Turnkey helps us to drive an ESG strategy into our portfolio accounts and achieve transparency of data across our client network. By using the Turnkey Software and Analytics, our clients are able to reduce their environmental impacts and associated operational cost, while strengthening their competitive advantage.”

Director of Compliance, Global Private Equity Firm


  • Ensure transparency on sustainability performance within portfolio accounts network
  • Ensure transparency on sustainability performance within portfolio accounts network
  • Improving sustainability impact of portfolio companies and their supply chain
  • Managing ESG regulatory and Limited Partners (LPs) compliance requirements


  • Embed sustainability practices and detailed analytics throughout all client portfolio
  • Utilise Turnkey platform to provide transparency to all portfolio accounts
  • Provide quantifiable and compliant information to their LPs on portfolio performance
  • Use verified data to support strategic improvements to company performance


Using the Turnkey Platform, the PE firm has built an increasingly strong sustainability infrastructure which enables them to increase the valuation of their clients

Strenghten reputation as an ethical investor and minimize investment risk

PE’s portfolio clients drive cost savings and process improvement

Incorporation of big data allows an evaluation of sustainability trends in multiple market sectors

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