Turnkey implement an ESG framework into PT Siloam Hospitals infrastructure

PT Siloam Hospitals are the largest private hospital network in Indonesia, operating since 1966

The Client

PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk (Siloam) is Indonesia’s most progressive and innovative healthcare provider, setting the benchmark for high-quality medical services. They now manage 40 locations across the archipelago, including Indonesia’s single largest hospital facility and the region’s centres of excellence in oncology and neurosurgery.


The Challenge

Turnkey was sanctioned to implement an ESG framework within the organisation’s infrastructure to enhance the value of the business by decreasing costs and wastage and enabling Greenhouse Gas (GHG) tracking.

In addition to meeting all current and future sustainability goals, other key drivers were identified and addressed:

  • Investor requirements for sustainability reporting
  • Cost-saving opoortunities from enviromental efficiencies
  • Improved reputation and branding
  • Increased operational value
  • Becoming a net-zero organisation
  • A road map to ‘Planet Mark‘ certification
Optimal Valuation

Company Valuation


Compliance & Framework Reporting

Mitigate Investment Risk

Investment Risk

Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Optimisation

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

The Turnkey Solution


Initially, Turnkey performed a materiality assessment to engage stakeholders to determine how vital specific environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are to stakeholders. This allowed them to select KPIs and set a roadmap for Siloam International Hospitals.

Turnkey then implemented a sustainability infrastructure with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) tracking & reporting software to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, driving them to meet their sustainability goals.

The ESG framework was scaled across the organisation, ensuring a comprehensive sustainability platform that met the requirements of the HKex regulations.

The Results

Our ESG reporting solution ‘Sustanion’ identified potential areas of reduction, which allowed for the creation of more sustainable approaches and ultimately decreased waste and lower costs:

  • 20.17% overall reduction in scope 1 & 2 TCO2E emissions since 2019
  • 16.76% overall reduction in electricity consumption since 2019

A best practice model was formed and delivered to all locations across the Siloam International Hospitals network. a parter of  Turnkey’s is also supporting Siloam in reviewing company policy to improve gaps to achieve better eco-vardis ratings.

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