Turnkey co-sponsors ocean clean up event in Singapore

27 April 2022 

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Turnkey co-sponsoring a clean-up event in Singapore as part of the Earth Day 2022 celebration.

As part of Turnkey’s Earth Day 2022 celebration, Turnkey co-sponsored an Ocean Clean Up event on Friday, April 22nd.

The event took place off the coast of Singapore where 29 divers and 4 surface support team members did two dives collecting trash and debris.

The objective of the drive is to clean up the ocean of plastic bags, bottles, cans, fishing lines and other debris.  The waste and trash collected is separated, catalogued, logged, and then weighted.  The amount of debris collected is then sent to Project AWARE to be included in the global collection data. 

All this information is uploaded to Project AWARE’s website as part of their Dive Against Debris campaign, which provides valuable data to influence policy change. The top three debris types retrieved were plastic bottles, plastic food wrappers, metal fishing equipment – sinkers, lures, hooks and fishing lines – quite a predictable mix.

“As an avid scuba diver and surfer, I have seen the state of the local waters deteriorate and I find joy in contributing to the transformation of Singapore’s waters into an ‘underwater garden’, vis-à-vis Singapore, commonly referred to as the ‘Garden City’, It’s great that Turnkey is contributing to a greener Singapore.”

– Todd Rosin, Turnkey Global Business Development Officer.

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