Videos: How ESG Strategy Drives Business Growth

Tony Wines, CEO and Founder of Turnkey, spoke at a live, virtual event in November 2021 on the subject of how ESG strategy drives business growth. Turnkey hosted the event in conjunction with Stephen Kirk from SKCI and Steve Malkin from Planet Mark. We are delighted to report the event was a great success.

In order for everyone to have access to the valuable insights shared we have created video snippets which you can watch below.

What is the impact of COP26 on your business?

What does Net Zero mean for your business?

The importance of data in your journey towards Zero Carbon

Overcoming data challenges for ESG & Net Zero

How ESG strategy drives business growth with Tony Wines

How ESG strategy drives business growth with Steve Malkin

What is the number one action to take on your ESG Strategy?


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