How do Private Equity firms get supply chain data into their ESG risk analysis?

Tony Wines, CEO of Turnkey Group, talked with Richard Peers, Founder of Responsible Risk, and FinextraTV about the real world work Turnkey does to improve productivity and operations through ESG and Sustainable Finance.

In this interview, Tony Wines shares practical insights on Turnkey’s work with Private Equity firms to improve their portfolio companies’ ESG performance, develop sustainability roadmap, identify and achieve optimisation/ cost saving opportunities via Turnkey Sustain-Tech & Live Analytics Platform. Tony also explains how sustainability performance affects companies’ valuation.


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About Turnkey Group:

Turnkey Group is a Sustainability AnalyticsSupply Chain and Services company that combines technology and operational best practice under a single umbrella.

Turnkey’s Sustain-Tech Platform digitalises Operational and Supply Chain data to connect with investors, management, advisors, stakeholders, stock exchanges, regulators and certification bodies.

Using Sustainability Analytics at the forefront of our business, Turnkey also provides Professional Services to improve portfolio client performance and develop their sustainability roadmap, using Turnkey analytics and services to identify and achieve optimisation and cost-saving opportunities and reduce risk within investor’s portfolio.

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