Turnkey partners with its newest client SP Group, to facilitate launching a complete suite of carbon solutions

09 March 2023 

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Press Release  

Turnkey and its new client, SP Group, announce new partnership (Singapore, March 8, 2023); launching a complete suite of sustainability reporting and optimisation solutions:  

  • The partnership will expand SP Group’s carbon solutions empowering their ESG analytics, carbon accounting and climate advisory services.  
  • Integration of SP’s Green Energy Tech (GET™) with Turnkey’s ESG Cloud Solution will improve emissions tracking and management to enable green building transition.  


In 2015, Turnkey began its journey to becoming a market leader in sustainability and ESG reporting. Today, Turnkey has a diverse team of experienced professionals dedicated to linking environmental and social impacts to business performance for clients in over 7,000 locations across 46 countries. Turnkey provide key areas of support – including data collection and reporting, consultancy, and analysis of ESG metrics, and framework reporting – to ensure risk management is as simple, effective, and rewarding as possible. Combining the latest technology with Turnkey’s expert team means Turnkey can provide actionable insights that can make a real impact.   

SP Group  

SP Group is a leading energy utilities group and sustainable energy solutions provider, offering solutions and technologies designed to empower customers to improve their business performance while enabling a low-carbon future.  

This partnership with Turnkey will allow SP Group to offer ESG analytics, carbon accounting and climate advisory services to key countries in the region including Singapore, China, Vietnam and Thailand. These services will augment SP’s carbon solutions to provide a one-stop carbon service ecosystem to help customers simplify their ESG measurement and reporting, identify opportunities to be more sustainable, manage risks and offset carbon emissions. 

The partnership  

With Singapore and countries across the region announcing their commitment to Net-Zero, the expanded portfolio of carbon solutions will enable SP Group to support Singapore’s development as a carbon services and trading hub, facilitating the growth of the carbon services ecosystem in Singapore and positioning the country as a regional gateway for carbon services.    

The partnership allows SP Group to offer Turnkey’s Sustainion™ ESG Cloud Solution. This technology platform is designed to help customers meet the full spectrum of ESG requirements, empowering them to improve their business performance and to identify and focus on implementing climate-positive impact actions. 

Turnkey is delighted to welcome SP Group as a client   

As part of SP Group’s commitment to sustainability, it has also committed to implement the complete suite of Turnkey’s Sustainion™ solution into their own company infrastructure, including the Environmental Impact, Social Impact, Health & Safety and Logistics modules. Turnkey’s software will power SP Group’s drive to optimise its sustainability performance across Environmental, Social and Governance.  

Quote from Turnkey’s CEO, Tony Wines:  

“This is a huge step forward for Turnkey and our ambitions of helping people build a better tomorrow; combining our technology and wealth of knowledge, we believe we can make a real impact with SP Group.”  

Mr Luke Tang, Head of Strategy and Sustainability, SP Group said:   

“Mr Luke Tang, Head of Strategy and Sustainability, SP Group said: “We believe effective carbon services and sustainability tools must be accessible to all companies to drive positive climate impact at scale. We are confident partnering Turnkey to offer the Sustainion™ ESG Cloud Solution will enable companies to measure, track, and audit emissions conveniently. When integrated with SP’s in-house Green Energy Tech (GETT) and digital energy management solutions, it will make it even easier for companies to take sustainable action towards a low-carbon

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