Turnkey is delighted to announce a leading packaged food producer with distribution across 20 countries in Asia & Middle East, Australia, Europe, North America and Africa as the latest client of Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability and Supply Chain Risk Technology.

Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability & Supply Chain Technology will be implemented across 3 manufacturing plants to digitalise the company’s Environmental data (including Carbon, Energy, Water, Waste) to drive optimisation and cost-saving opportunities based on environmental efficiency and respond to their investors’ reporting requirements on sustainability reporting.

As a part of the implementation, Turnkey will support its client in identifying material ESG KPIs, Materiality Assessment and establishing API driven data collection process. Based on the company’s historical and present data, Turnkey’s Technology will enable live analytics to quickly identify trends and evaluate the company’s operational sustainability performance. Within first 3 months from the project implementation, Turnkey will provide a client data-driven evaluation report that identifies material future areas of improvement to achieve sustainability goalsdrive cost savingsoptimise operations and reduce supply chain risk.

Turnkey’s latest client will begin with Turnkey’s Environmental Impact Module implementation and work together with Turnkey to develop a long term sustainability strategy plan and gradually expand data digitalisation, monitoring and reporting into Social Responsibility, Supply Chain Risk Management and Health & Safety.

The client will also use Turnkey’s Technology to streamline reporting according to key international sustainability frameworksStock Exchanges and Investors.

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