Turnkey is pleased to announce the launch of its Environmental Social Action Plan (“ESAP”) for one of Turnkey’s recent private equity client and 30 of its portfolio companies spanning 11 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg and France. 

Turnkey’s ESAP has been implemented across 30 investments, all of which are leaders or near leaders in their fields, and are focused in industries that include e-commerce, food processing, fast food/casual dining, industrial products, fast-moving consumer goods, outdoor advertising, auto rentals, cinema’s chain, universities, consultancy and professional services, amongst others. Turnkey’s ESAP enables its Private Equity client to digitalise each portfolio companies’ operational & supply chain datacalculateanalysereport and reduce the Environmental, Social and Governance costs & risks within each portfolio company and across the fund as a whole. 

Turnkey’s recent private equity client brings online 240 users, including 90 users from the portfolio companies and 150 users from the private equity investment team spanning 200 locations globally

ESAP is used to run live ESG risk assessments and KPI action tracking across 119 ESG indicators within their complex portfolio network to reduce risk and cost throughout their operationsquantify commercial value to the risk and improve their sustainability performance

Furthermore, ESAP is used to streamline reporting according to 9 ESG Standards, including IFC Performance StandardsILO ConventionOPICUK Bribery ActUS FCPA and other country-specific regulations. 

Turnkey’s ESAP will be rolled out to the entire network of 60 portfolio companies by end of 2020 becoming a core part of the new fund, both pre and post investments. 

To learn more about ESAP, Turnkey’s latest module for Private Equity to automate or augment existing ESG due diligence, risk assessment and cost mitigation process, please click here. 

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