Congratulations to Turnkey’s customer Softex Indonesia (“Softex”) on winning the silver award in the Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (First Time) category at the annual Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA).

Softex was selected for this Award after 3 rigorous rounds of evaluation by an independent panel of judges with distinguished backgrounds. The winners were selected from 461 entries received from 16 countries in Asia.

Softex has been awarded in recognition of their Sustainability Report 2019 demonstrating coverage of all significant sustainability impacts of the business and a long-term approach to integrating sustainability practice and to engage stakeholders.

The leading manufacturer of sanitary paper product embarked on the sustainability journey with Turnkey in 2016. Combining Turnkey’s Sustain-Tech with Strategic Services, Softex identified material aspects of their business, developed a sustainability strategy and started measuring business impacts across Environmental and Social metrics via Turnkey’s Sustain-Tech.

Within 6 months from the implementation, based on Turnkey’s analytics, Softex identified key areas of improvement and quickly implemented measures leading to significant improvements in environmental efficiency and financial performance of the company.

Since then, Softex significantly expanded the scope of ESG indicators and uses Turnkey’s Sustain-Tech Platform and Strategic Services across all their manufacturing facilities to digitalise, analyse and report data across the following indicators:

The ASRA Award is not the first endorsement of Softex’ sustainability achievements. The manufacturer is the first company in Asia that has achieved The Planet MarkTM Sustainability Certification for 3 consecutive years based on reducing their carbon per production unit bases. To get this certification Softex used Turnkey’s Sustain-Tech intensity analytics to measure per unit of carbon and digitalised, granular data to support the certification process.

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