Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability Platform client, P.T. Softex Indonesia (“Softex”), a leading manufacturing company of sanitary paper products, achieves The Planet Mark Sustainability Certification for the 3rd year in a row!

Working with Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability Platform, Softex is the first company in Asia to achieve The Planet Mark Sustainability Certification based on reducing their carbon production on a per unit bases. To get this certification Softex measured their per unit of carbon using Turnkey’s Environmental Impact Carbon Modules including Turnkey’s Carbon Intensity Module giving both Softex and Planet Mark digitalised, livegranular data to work with at both an operational and certification level.

Softex, via Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability Technology, has been endorsed by The Planet Mark every year since 2016, when they started working with Turnkey. Softex implemented Turnkey’s Sustainability Technology across their manufacturing facilities digitalising environmental data, such as CarbonEnergyWaterWasteMaterial in order to respond to their investor’s requirements on sustainability reporting as well as drive optimisation and cost-saving opportunities based on environmental efficiency.

“Turnkey has supported Softex with its Sustainability Technology in its sustainability journey since a very initial stage and is proud to announce Softex Sustainability Certification. Softex’s achievement is truly outstanding and demonstrates progress that can be achieved in sustainability and company’s financial performance with the right level of commitment and use of Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability Technology and Regulatory Reporting” said Tony Wines, CEO of Turnkey Group. “We are very impressed and pleased to contribute to phenomenal progress that Softex achieved in a very short period of time.”

“ESG is becoming a key factor in PT Softex Indonesia success. We actively consider economic, environmental and social aspects in our decision-making processes. Turnkey Group helped us to measure our carbon footprint and identify areas for improvement. Through successful energy saving measures in our plants, we have already reduced scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions by 3.6% and 7.2% in 2017 and 2018 respectively compared with the baseline. Our goal is to further reduce scope 1 & 2 carbon footprint by an additional 10% over the next few years” said Hendra Setiawan, CEO of P.T. Softex Indonesia

Softex started working with Turnkey in April 2016, as per their private equity investors’ desire to drive live analytical sustainable decision making into their client’s portfolio and across the fund on a high-level basis. Turnkey supported Softex to develop their ESG programme and digitalise ESG data collection, reporting and monitoring process via Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability Technology. Within 6 months from the implementation, based on Turnkey’s analytics, Softex identified key areas of improvement and quickly implemented adequate measures leading to significant improvements in environmental efficiency and financial performance of the company.

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