Risk management for ESG, due diligence, auditing framework initiatives

A risk management solution from a leader in sustainability software

Effective risk management is essential for the control of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and the operation of internal audit and due diligence especially related to supply chains. Increasingly, complex supply chains create high levels of risks which need to be managed through effective software and analytical platforms.

At Turnkey, we have years of experience managing risk for businesses, supply chains and financial industry players of all sizes – and now we’ve put all that experience into a solution to help you do the same. Turnkey Risknetic is a full risk management solution for ESG, due diligence, supply chain and internal audits. It allows you to easily digitise, track and report on risk, quantifying outcomes using sophisticated data analytics action plans that help reduce costs, drive sustainability and grow the value of your company.

Real-Time risk tracking
Powerful visualisations
Seamless scalability

Identify, track and report ESG risk across the entire organisation

Easy to set up and use, Risknetic provides powerful visual insights into real-time risk, using intuitive data analytics and essential metrics to help you identify and track trends – even across the most complex organisations and supply chains.

With this timely, accurate and informative data you can ensure compliance, protect the value of your brand, attract investors, keep partners informed and dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to manage your risk profile.

Turnkey is a leader in sustainability technology

Simplify risk management and compliance while reducing costs

Reduce Risk

Monitor risk in real time

and identify previously hidden threats with intuitive data analytics, visualisations and audit trails

Easily track progress

with live and aggregated data from all investments and tiers of your organisation

Highlight future risk

and let management know where to focus with predictive trend analysis

Generate new business opportunities

and attract investors with full visibility into ESG activities

Add Value

Accelerate internal and external audits

reducing costs, saving time and delivering faster insights to those who need them

Create awareness of ESG

across the entire company and drive positive change

Fully map risk within your supply chain



7 reasons to choose Risknetic

A flexible, web-based solution that’s easy to deploy, Risknetic is designed to simplify and accelerate ESG risk management, with in-depth analytics and powerful insights.

Its features include:

1. Comprehensive risk management tools for ESG, due diligence and internal audits
2. Real-time risk tracking, live dashboards and predictive insights
3. Support for multiple customisable risk frameworks e.g., IFC
4. Seamless scalability to support multiple tiers of your organisation
5. Rapid implementation – so you can start reducing risk in just a couple of hours
6. Full audit trails for complete transparency and simplified reporting
7. Full support from Turnkey’s ESG experts – Turnkey provides ESG expertise throughout a company’s journey alongside our leading analytics platform.

One of the leading software providers in the sustainability space, Turnkey’s solutions are used by 124 blue-chip clients in 46 countriesis adopted in 7000 locations in 46 countries.

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Risknetic enables you to monitor and take action on risk information, classified into “low, medium, high” categories, which is generally based on qualitative data information. Risknetic digitalises ESG risks that need to be actioned and closed out. The system significantly enhances auditing within the company and reduces time consuming business processes and manhours.  

System language: English, and can add on as required 


The start of project implementation assumes that ESG risk data is readily available for upload into the system, e.g. from an ESG risk auditor or client’s existing data.  

Approximate timeframe 

  • Normal implementation time: between 2-4 days, dependent on size of operation  
  • NB: Response rates from client, number of locations, regional support required will affect the timeframe for completion, training material preparation (configuration for client) 
  • Turnkey offers a train-the-trainer approach 
  • Materials provided: manuals and videos 
  • 1 session = 1 hour 
  • 24 hours on Mondays – Fridays 
  • Global support 
  • An Account Manager will be assigned to a client regardless of your chosen services 
  • System language: English and as required

Languages from our support team:  

English, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Bahasa Indonesian, Hindi 


Additional services support or supplement the work driven by Turnkey’s solutions 

  • Materiality assessments, including framework mapping  
  • ESG report writing services  
  • Energy audits 
  • Risk audits 
  • Life-cycle assessments 
  • Certifications 
  • Benchmarking 

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