Sustainion for Investors and Private Equity

A full ESG solution for Investors and their portfolio

An ESG solution from the leader in sustainability software

Turnkey provides insights into the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of your portfolio to demonstrate regulatory framework compliance to your Limited Partners as well as improving the long-term value of your portfolio investments. 

Financial Institutions, Investors and Private Equity houses are increasingly finding that they need to get more insights from their ESG data without being forced to become ESG experts. As ESG regulations become increasingly complex, less self-certifying and more resource-intensive to manage, the need for robust analytics tools is essential. 

Comply with regulatory frameworks

Manage LP and stakeholders’ requirements

Drive exit value for your portfolio

Reduce risk and add value to your investment portfolio

With years of experience within the financial sector, combined with our ESG expertise, Turnkey provides the insights needed to reduce risk and increase the value of your investments.

With comprehensive real-time data analytics, simplified reporting and risk management tools, you can demonstrate compliance – i.e. UN PRI, TCFD or EU Taxonomy (SFDR), report according to multiple frameworks, manage ad-hoc LP queries robustly while mitigating risk and gaining the insights needed to increase the profitability and value of your investments.

Turnkey recognises that clients’ needs vary depending on the maturity of the portfolio, industry sector, geography and compliance requirements. Therefore, we offer a full suite of independent solutions to support investors and their portfolio companies in any region, sector and at every stage of their sustainability journey. 

See more information about the full solution suite for investors and their portfolio in the infographic below.

Provide in-depth insights to Private Equity

With Sustainion you can:

Gain a complete, unified view of your investment portfolio

and drill down into the ESG details of each individual company

Satisfy Limited Partner requirements

and increase confidence in the ESG performance of your portfolio

Ensure continued compliance with all major frameworks

and reduce reputational risk, even as frameworks change

Simplify reporting

and easily showcase ESG activities with real-time data and insights

Identify opportunities to add value

and use advanced analytics to drive continuous improvements in companies within your portfolio

Receive expert advisory

as Turnkey provides support from ESG experts within our company to assist in maximising benefits throughout your sustainability journey

Turnkey is a leader in sustainability technology

9 reasons to choose Sustainion

A cloud-based, scalable and modular system with multi-lingual support, Sustainion is designed to help you improve the quality of your ESG data and processes – even across the most complex organisations and supply chains.

Its features include:

1. Support for all elements of ESG, including environmental, economic, social, health and safety, governance, and risk
2. Ability to highlight significant cost-benefits and maximise company value
3. Automatic mapping to ESG reporting requirements across a company’s supply chain
4. Easy report generation, real-time metrics and detailed analytics
5. Full audit trails to ensure traceability
6. Regular updates to keep you in line with the latest changes to ESG frameworks
7. A fully configurable, intuitive user interface
8. Simple implementation and ongoing support
from Turnkey’s ESG experts – Turnkey provides ESG expertise throughout a company’s journey alongside our leading analytics platform.
9. Turnkey’s software can be scaled and adopted according to the level of maturity within a company’s sustainability roadmap

One of the leading software providers in the sustainability space, Turnkey’s solutions are adopted in over 7000 locations in 46 countries.

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  Sustainion Pro  Sustainion Enterprise 
Locations  Up to 3  Unlimited  
Indicators*  Up to 3  Unlimited 
Users  Up to 3  Unlimited 
Modules – Environmental**  Yes, (limited KPIs)   Yes 
Modules – Social  Yes (limited KPIs)   Yes 
Modules – Health & Safety  Yes (limited KPIs)  Yes 
Modules – Logistics  No  Yes 
Modules – CSR  Yes (limited KPIs)  Yes 
Modules – digitalised survey  No  Yes 
Automated Emissions Calculation  Yes  Yes 
Intensity Reporting  Up to 2 intensity metrics, e.g. per unit area  Unlimited 
Customisation option, i.e. building new modules and indicators  No  Yes – additional costs may apply 
Live Dashboards  Up to 8  Unlimited, with option to connect to external PowerBI or Turnkey’s internal advanced analytics tool . Additional costs may apply.  
Historical data migration services  No  Yes 
Training  (1 session = 1 hour)  Up to 2 sessions  Up to 5 organised sessions. Additional sessions can be organised. Additional costs may apply.    
Customer Services  Yes  Yes 
System Languages  

English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese.   


Additional languages can be added.  Additional costs may apply.  

NB: system not yet available in Polish 

Customer Support Languages 

English, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Bahasa Indonesian, Hindi 


NB: Japanese customer service support currently not available 


*Please refer to document for how ‘indicators’ are defined.

** Sustainion Pro modules are based on a limited number of KPIs but can be based on Environmental, Social, Governance, Health & Safety.

***Additional charges may apply for API


Includes: creating the new instance and system configuration (e.g. Consumer/location structure, users, administrative rights and backend set up), and training. 

Sustainion Enterprise:  

Approximate timeframe: 3 weeks – 4 weeks 

  • NB: Historical data migration, which is an optional item in Sustainion Enterprise, is not included as part of the Implementation timeframe) 
  • NB: Response rates from client, number of locations, regional support required will affect the timeframe for completion, training material preparation (configuration requirement)
  • Turnkey offers a train-the-trainer approach 
  • Materials provided: manuals and videos 
  • 1 session = 1 hour 
  • 24 hours on Mondays – Fridays 
  • Global support 
  • An Account Manager will be assigned to a client regardless of your chosen services 
  • System language: English and as required 


  • Languages from our support team:  

– English, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Bahasa Indonesian, Hindi 

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