To build a solid ESG strategy, it is important to understand your material impacts and identify the best path towards a sustainable future. Using qualitative research in tandem with quantitative data we can use the results of materiality assessments to better advise you on your ESG journey, our scalable module helps you collect data and streamline your business process. Whether you are starting your ESG journey, building your reporting strategy or building your ESG intelligence to support your investment process, our Assess module makes it easy to collect the data you need to achieve your targets and achieve the desired outcomes for your business.


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  • One-stop shop for all your ESG-related assessments which helps us customise your ESG strategy

  • Flexible and customisable to fit your organisation requirements

  • Harvest both quantitative and qualitative data to support your investment and due diligence processes


  • 'Materiality Assessment' for companies to understand what are the ESG topics that are most relevant and important to them, considering their sector/industry, geographical location

  • ESG assessments for all types of financial institutions to assess ESG performance or regulatory/framework driven ESG data management

  • Framework based assessments like 'SFDR' & 'PAI' assessment – we plan to continue building assessments surrounding the major ESG frameworks

  • Supply chain assessments to raise transparency and better understand the risks across your supply chain

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Implementing an ESG investment strategy

In supporting the green finance revolution, we have experience in supporting PE fund managers to better manage their ESG risks and support long-term sustainable value creation across their investment portfolio.

Using our 'Assess' module to centralise ESG intelligence gathering, we have established a comprehensive ESG investment benchmarking platform to identify and highlight ESG performance, using a combination of fund specific metrics, flexible scoring systems and leading frameworks.

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