Navigating through the complex web of global ESG frameworks can be time consuming and difficult to understand. Our Framework Mapping Module provides clients the ability to easily produce reports mapped to their selected framework. At one click, the data adapts to the latest frameworks, maximising the value of your ESG data with consolidated reporting of your choice.


Visualize your data

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, engage with your data.


  • Automate your ESG framework reporting

  • Ensure accuracy and consistency for your annual reporting

  • Framework mapping to streamline your decision making and investment processes

  • Streamline your workflow and reduce the lag time between data gathering and reporting output


  • Multiple frameworks to choose from: SFDR, HKEX, SGX, Bursa, GRI, etc.

  • Automated reporting according to real time data that is integrated with our Performance pillar

  • Empower your review and auditing function with additional reports to highlight missing data

  • Further integration with our Assess module to gather additional qualitative and policy data required to fulfil framework requirements

  • We aim to cover multiple aspects of a framework, e.g. SFDR may have multiple annexes and thus multiple reports that would have to be created, and we hope to cover them all.

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Sustainion's SFDR Solution

Partnering with Vistra global network of more than 5000 professional advisors, our technology platform supports ever expanding ESG data needs. Our platform supports the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requirements with in-built calculations to help clients manage and monitor their investment portfolio. We have created a scalable data hub to manage new ESG data types, easy to manage data reporting and response tracking, automate calculations using different ESG parameters and streamline the SFDR process with dynamic report generation. The result is an extensive and thorough assessment across your investment portfolio - understand your ESG impacts and effectively manage outcomes for the future.

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