ESG data is growing exponentially to satisfy the demand for sustainable investment and technology. Our team of experts can support your organisation to better understand and create value for your ESG strategy, ESG-themed investments and track performance across your portfolio. Our platform provides a set of comprehensive benchmarking tools that enable ESG assessments and benchmarking for your own performance, across the industry or establish a portfolio view for your investments.

Using a multitude of trusted data sources, our Advisory and Client Success team can help our clients successfully track ESG performance, compare and benchmark against others in your industry, and identify opportunities for growth and improve your ESG strategy towards a sustainable future.


Visualize your data

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, engage with your data.


  • Tailored solution to benchmark against other companies or an index

  • Support your investment process and ESG due diligence

  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses to prioritise areas of improve


  • Benchmark against public data/indexes (using Refinitiv data)

  • Track performance across your investment portfolio

  • Support your ESG engagement and due diligence process

  • Create customised ESG scorecards

  • Support scenario planning and analysis

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Capturing more than just compliance

When it comes to ESG, our intuitive technology platform is designed to do more than just collect the data that’s required for compliance. Sustainion goes beyond frameworks and reporting to help you not only monitor information but make sense of it. Combining intelligent technology with our expert advisory team, we can help you understand key insights, benchmark and highlight trends that can improve your overall business performance.


Helping people help the planet

Climate change is one of the biggest issues we’re facing and there are a number of social issues we believe we need to tackle, like equality and diversity. As one of the comprehensive providers of ESG data, we can help businesses across the world uncover real insights around all of these real-world problems and support them to make positive changes.

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