Whether you are starting your sustainability journey or looking for the right technology to take your strategy to the next level, our Performance module is the heart of Turnkey’s ESG strategy. Understand your ESG baseline, identify new opportunities and develop impactful KPIs to measure your success.

Our platform aims to streamline your management and reporting processes, by aligning with global ESG frameworks and simplifying the data management to give you real-time information all in one place, saving you time and resources.


Combined with our integrated materiality assessment, our solution will select the right metrics and analytics for your business. From monitoring energy and water usage to tracking your waste management, our performance module will give you everything you need to accelerate your ESG journey and achieve your goals.

Visualize your data

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, engage with your data.


  • Save time on manual reporting

  • Accurate, comprehensive, investment-grade ESG data management

  • Minimize the time and effort to prepare ESG reporting, integrating a 360 view of ESG performance across various departments and internal/external sources into a single platform

  • Support your ESG due diligence and supply chain management program

  • More time for you to focus on where it matters, identify and create value through opportunities and efficiency gains

  • Highly customisable to fit your organisational requirements

  • Extensive set of modules that allow you to track all types of environmental impacts, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions

  • Follows the GHG protocol and GRI frameworks, aligning with global best practices and the latest ESG trends

  • Attaining globally recognised independent certifications like Planet Mark


  • Automated report creation

  • Our software allows you to concurrently process multiple tasks, including the creation, updating, retrieval and deletion of thousands of data points.

  • Automate your carbon emission management

  • Quantify your consumption and emissions

  • Best-in-class insights through PowerBI analytics

  • Create and take full advantage of useful analytics to engage your key stakeholders

  • Data can be uploaded in multiple ways; manually, with an Excel template, or via API

  • Keep track of your company-specific KPIs against your sustainability goals, across your global operations and supply chains

  • Consolidate and manage quality ESG data outside of your company, from business partners, supply chain and distribution channels

Standardised charts and reports built into the Performance pillar to display the valuable trends that support decision makers and investment managers to make the right choice

Electricity Staff Social Record Staff Record
Gas Position & Salary Staff New Hire
Fuel Training Staff Turnover
Air Freight Coverage Staff Absentee Day
Road Freight Committee Staff Training Hour
Ocean Freight Performance Review
Rail Freight Injury & Lost Days
Materials Parental Leave
Waste Operational Risk
Refrigerant Supply Chain Risk
Lubricant CSR & Environment Investment
Detergent Customer Safety Record
Flight Monitoring Safety Coverage
Vehicle Tracking Workplace Safety Record
Water Consumption
Water Discharge
Water Quality Record
Water Recycled
Water Treatment Record

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Complete visibility
across your supply chain

Better visibility leads to better business decisions. That’s why our solution focuses on giving you access to data from across your supply chain, so you can monitor and report on all aspects of your business.


More insights,
better decisions

Gain a complete understanding of what your business is doing from an environmental, social, governance standpoint and how you can do things better.

From providing key insights around your energy consumption, to staff performance, Sustainion is designed to give you meaningful data so you can make a real impact on your business and the world we all live in.

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