In a rapidly changing world, businesses must bolster their risk management to manage new and emerging risks. This includes effective management of ESG risks both within your organisation and across your value chain. Whether you’re looking to invest in a company and want to check its credentials or to better understand the evolving risks of climate impacts on your operations, or you’re looking to work with a new partner or supplier, our integrated platform provides you with a comprehensive view of ESG.

We can help you identify risks in order of priority, understand the potential impacts and monitor and track what’s being done to mitigate them. Our technology can track and monitor risk in real-time so not only will you have complete transparency but also a clear roadmap to ensure you’re ESG compliant.


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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, engage with your data.


  • Integrate ESG risk management and governance

  • Alignment with the leading ESG frameworks

  • Connect ESG risks across strategy, management controls and materiality assessment

  • Systematic tracking of risks to stay ahead of current and emerging risks

  • Monitor remediation and actions in real time


  • Manage and prioritize ESG risks and controls

  • Real-time status monitoring

  • Integrated tracking across all risk categories and associated resolution

  • Customizable verification process to align with your current business process

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